Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sorry about the hiatus, I've been exceedingly busy the last week or so and haven't had a chance to post (and slight writers block, but that's ok)

So, 4.2 is imminent. We all know what that means! There's some excellent opportunities to make massive quantities of gold, in a short period of time.

So far, here's what I've distilled from the patch notes and other sources (I'm looking at you, gold bloggers!)

1) The shuffle is getting nerfed again. This was to be expected, but don't let the new 'soft cap' of 16g fool you, that ore is still worth a bunch. All it really means for me is that the zephs I vendor drop in value significantly. That's ok, it's a small nerf and I look forward to even more people giving up on the shuffle, letting me profit even more from slightly more scarce enchanting mats.

2) A dearth of new gear is coming out. This of course means that enchants and gems will sell like lemonade on July 4th for a short period of time. I'm prepared, are you?

3) Some glyphs are changing. The huge overhaul with books/research is NOT happening, but some glyphs will see an uptick due to changes in BIS setups.

4) Summer is here. This yearly cycle will of course throw some markets off, but that just means more opportunities to make gold to me!

I've got about 80k worth of enchanting scrolls saved up (which I expect to be worth much more at that point) and hundreds of rare gems, as well a ton of the other items that will spasm upwards like truegold, leather, and dreamcloth. I'm also stocking a large quantity of Volatile Fire, which I expect to more than double in price.

On another topic, I recently spent a ton of gold on a quartet of mounts; 3x Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger and of course that epic seahorse that I snagged on another server. I managed to move 2 of the deathchargers for about 20k profit, but I'm having trouble moving that darn seahorse. I expect it will sell eventually though, and that will provide me with enough capital to potentially break 500k liquid before the patch. I certainly will afterwards!

I'm excited =)

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