Sunday, May 15, 2011

The curse of 300k

300k is the bane of my goldmaking existence. I first hit 300k over a month ago, and shortly thereafter I spent an absolute ton of gold. I went back down to under 200k for a day or so, while I splurged on all sorts of goodies and reinvested lots of capital.

About 3 days ago, I hit 300k again, and got all the way up to 340k before the same thing occurred. This time, however, I was cautious and I've been hovering right around 300k as a variety of things occur

First off, I've acquired a couple farmers. A couple friends of mine were asking me how to make gold, and after trying to explain economics to them for a while I just gave up and said "you know, if you buy these cheap herbs and mill them, and then turn them into ink, I'll buy them, that's how you can make gold"

And they did.

Now, I get hundreds of blackfallow and inferno ink in the mail, at reasonable but below market value prices, and I think everyone has benefited from the arrangement.

First off, I am able to devote the time that I had previously used milling and inking to other activities. Sure, I lose out on that profit, but I intentionally set my buy point just below the midpoint of profit, so that I'm still making a killing on glyphs, dust, cards, and everything else.

Secondly, my friends are able to churn through thousands of herbs and know that they are making money! Anything that I need that they don't provide, I just continue to do myself and it works out fine.

Another friend asked me what I was doing with all the saved time, to which I replied: "Prospecting." He thought it was pretty funny. =)

The moral of the story? Don't let yourself feel bad if you manage to outsource things. The bottom line is that everyone makes gold this way if done correctly.

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  1. I love this. I've done this in several other games, but most of my friends in WoW simply don't have the 'fortitude' to farm for me anymore.

    Still - the idea is brilliant! I would always explain that I was buying from them for just below market value, but that market value was not a guaranteed sale. That way I didn't feel guilty about the matter. They were informed and could make the choice that worked best for them.