Monday, May 16, 2011

Extreme mount sniping!

I bought gold today, I confess it.

I did it totally legit too! I was browsing the AH via undermine, and did a search for rare mounts/pets using the given tool (by the way, check that tool out if you haven't - "companions" under "enhancements") and saw that someone had Reins of Poseidus up for 250k.

Like any good goblin, I immediately checked its page out to see what kind of prices this sold for elsewhere. I found that 250k was a good price but very slightly high. most sold for between 200-250k, with the max being 450k and... what's this.... one up now for 20k on some backwater server?

Surely not. 20k? I had to see this for myself.

It was up. I immediately added the seller to friends, and told him I'd give him 25k to unlist it while an xfer went through. I then transfered a mage over with some gold, and bought it.

Total resources invested: 25k, $25, and 1 hour. Estimated return? 200k+.

I essentially bought 150k gold for 50 bucks xfer fees.

And in 3-4 days, when this mage transfers back, I'll be one exceedingly happy goblin!

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