Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Got JP?

Today I want to talk about something that used to be mainstream but has since vanished from the thoughts and minds of many.

I, like many hardcore raiders, have a surplus of both honor and justice points. Now there are these newfangled trade good vendors, but the stuff they offer is just so amazingly expensive that it's truly a waste of gold. For example, on Illidan I can purchase a 200g Maelstrom Crystal for the low low price of 3750 JP/HP.

While I appreciate the thought, Blizz, do you really expect me to be *happy* that I have to nearly cap the bloody things just to get 1 crystal? I'll pass, thanks.

Instead, I opted to find alternate ways to spend my excess honor and jp.

Remember back in Wrath, when epic gems came out? Eventually they were purchasable via honor and jp, and that has never changed. Cold (whose blog you will find here) posted today about how these gems still sell remarkably well. Well, I can corroborate that story, these gems often sell for 2-300g, simply because not a whole lot of people are still making them, and almost no one is picking up the recipes now.

Note, these gems cost 220 jp OR 165 honor. The math is close, but it is NOT worth it to trade jp to honor to purchase these. You can get them from Harold Winston in Dalaran for JP, or in Orgrimmar / Stormwind for honor

Happy hunting!

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