Thursday, June 2, 2011

On keeping to topics

As anyone who trolls TUJ obsessively knows, Cold and JMTC have recently been having what I would call a lover's quarrel. Both of them have dedicated posts to flaming the other, over some small amount of RL gold.

Guys, no one cares. Take that crap off of your blog. No one wants to see it.

If I see a new post on TUJ, I assume it's a new post talking about how to make gold. I don't want to hear about your deep hatred of another gold maker, that doesn't interest or concern me in the slightest. Post about something relevant.

On that note, I decided to do something probably foolish. I learned my seahorse =). I never could move it, and after the price dropped to ~150k on my server with multiple people still trying to unload it, I just decided 'why not' and learned it. It looks cool, but I kinda wish I hadn't xfered to get it! heh.

- Bryan

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